A Family That Has Been Living With a Bear for 28 Years

 A real brown bear lives in the house of a Russian family.  Stephan the bear is already twenty-eight years old. He was redeemed from the zoo where he appeared because of the oxen.  

The animal wasn’t  adapted to life with people at all but the spouses Yuri and Svetlana were able to socialize him with the help of their love and care. 

Stephan doesn’t create inconvenience and doesn’t come into close contact with anyone other than his human “parents”.  The house of their family is separated from their neighbors by a huge fence.  Only the cutie’s mighty roar reminds of Stephan’s existence. 

The cute bear is very friendly towards people. Stephan the cutie poses great for the camera but his performance in front of the audience is rather well paid.  The bear is very artistic and he sometimes even works with children. 

The only thing he can’t stand is the smell of alcohol.  It is it that can cause aggression in the animal.  Therefore, the parents assure that the animal is always under control.

The cute bear is very friendly and he eats a lot of fish, vegetables and meat and also begs for food in such a funny way. 

Keeping such an animal is quite an expensive pleasure but the bear “works out” everything during his performances.

Stephan lives in a special enclosure in the yard.  But he is often allowed into the house where he behaves a little bit wary.  Most of all the cute bear loves to watch TV and he also loves to cuddle!

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