The Sad Homeless Puppy Put His Face on the Man’s Boot And the Man’s Heart Melted

Fortunately, there are many people in the world who are not indifferent to the fate of animals. The family of Alyssa belongs precisely to this category of caring citizens.  A woman shared a touching story of meeting her dog just recently.  It happened in 2015 …

Alyssa was walking when she noticed a company of desperate volunteers who wanted to find a home for the animals. They took the puppies with them, put them in small open-air cages right in the passage so that all the passers-by could see the pets.  The volunteers hoped that at least one of the cuties would be lucky to find an owner.  And so it happened! 

Coming closer to the company of people and dogs Alyssa and her husband noticed that one of the puppies wasn’t sitting in the enclosure but lying on the ground near the chair watching the passers-by with a sad look. 

The dog looked at them very attentively and then put his muzzle right on the boot of Alyssa’s husband.  It was enough to win the hearts of the people!  At the same moment the husband and wife decided to take the baby in and now the dog has a home and loving owners who will never leave in trouble.

Las year in November last year Alyssa brought a street cat to their home feeling sorry for the animal.  

The spouses adore their pets and pamper them.  Thanks to the kind families who helpour smaller brothers!

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