The Guy Got Very Drunk Before the New Year and a Few Months Later He Found out That He Had Adopted a Kangaroo

Most people got into an absurd situation that happened to them in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication at least one time in their life.  Someone made promises that they couldn’t keep, and someone, perhaps, made purchases that they didn’t even plan.  Most of such acquisitions are completely unnecessary for a person and they even cause bewilderment …

A young man named Peyton from Minneapolis, Minnesota made a ridiculous purchase by getting drunk on New Years Eve.  Just imagine – he drunkenly adopted a baby kangaroo! 

The most funny thing is that having done this crazy thing on New Year’s Eve the guy found out about it only in 2020.  Everything started when  every week starting on January 2 five dollars were debited from the man’s account.  It was around the same time that Peyton was transferring money for using paid services like Amazon, Netflix, etc. Among these expenses he simply didn’t even notice those five dollars … 

And only after a few months the young man suspected that something was wrong. 

A little later Peyton realized that most of his donations were going to a charity website. He made such contract when he was drunk. 

Realizing the mistake the young man still didn’t want to give up his idea so he continues to transfer money but through another that’s more reliable fund.  Now the guy helps not one, but two kangaroos affected by the Australian fires at once.

 When Peyton shared his story with his online friends they were both surprised and proud of their friend. 

However, for a little kangaroo named Poppy this ridiculous story turned out quite well!

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