A Bag of Puppies Was Stirring on the Side of the Road and One of the Rescued Kids Was Taken by a Family Which Coped With Difficulties

“I don’t know how it happened!”  – says Jane.  The girl says that animals appeared in her house despite the difficult life circumstances.

Four years ago Jane really had a difficult period and at that time the girl had an old dog of the spaniel breed but she also dreamed of a small affectionate toy terrier.  The whole family looked through the ads posted by the shelter staff but people couldn’t choose a pet.

And once Jane still managed to find a dog which made her heart beat faster.  The cutie’s story is very sad – volunteers found a package on the side of the road and as you probably already guessed there were found some discarded puppies in it … 

One of the rescued babies was Button.  Jane immediately wanted to take this particular baby and having discussed everything with her family she became even more convinced of the correctness of her choice.  So the girl got a puppy weighing only eight hundred grams but now the cutie is already a big lady who has grown up to thirty kilograms! 

A year later the family was replenished with another tailed creature.  Jane picked up the blind kittens on the street.

 The dog warmed the kids, washed them and acted as if she was their mother.  When the kittens grew up the two boys were taken to a safer place and the female kitty remained to live in the family. 

In December Jane’s spaniel passed away … At first people thought that they would no longer take animals into the house after such loss.  Moreover, they were experiencing financial difficulties …

But just a month ago Jane met a Chinese dog on the street who was in a terrible state.  She was immediately taken to the family and she was treated and fed after which it became clear that no one wanted to part with the little baby.  

Now Jane says that her house is more like a zoo and  no matter what difficulties the girl’s family has to go through it is easier to endure next to the pets. 

Thanks to wonderful people who are ready to help an animal in need under any circumstances the world will become kinder! 

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