Wild animals were accidentally caught on the camera. They turned out to be a coyote and a badger, whose friendship delights

What could be batter than a walk with a friend? Any pastime becomes more interesting if your best friend is nearby. This wandering animal couple knows for sure what is more fun together! 

The animals travel through the mountains to Santa Cruz. At the end of last year, a couple was accidentally spotted by a camera with motion sensors. The research team is led by Neli Sharma. It was he, who first saw the footage from the camera, which to put it mildly surprised him.  

You’re probably wondering what kind of animals got on the video? A couple of friends turned out to be a coyote and a badger! They were just crossing a busy highway when the camera’s motion sensor triggered. To cross the road safely, the clever friends went down the drainpipe.  

Neal says he has never seen such an interspecies relationship before.  

Animals cooperate with each other while hunting. The coyote is more agile and faster, but the badger knows how to professionally dig holes in the ground. Since both animals feed on gophers, the badger digs out a small den, and the coyote waits nearby, watching that the victim doesn’t escape using another exit. This is a mutually beneficial cooperation! 

After watching the video, it becomes clear that this couple has become a close-knit team. It is not the first time for them to travel together.  

They don’t need words to communicate-body language helps them explain.  

And here is a video: 


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It becomes clear, that the couple are looking out for each other. It doesn’t matter if they want to start a joint hunt or they just need to cross the road. The main thing is that they are comfortable doing everything together! 

Agree, a very unusual friendship.

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