In a Philadelphian orphanage, a homeless cat of an insane size got into. Now everyone wants to take it for themselves 

On August 22nd, a cat named Bijey came to Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia. But you need to make a reservation: this is not just a cat, this is a CAT. An unusual large cat, although it looks like a mongrel, but in its blood there is something like Maine Coon or even a saber-toothed-tiger. A two-year-old big man with a sad look is waiting for his new owners, but this is not a sad story-after all, after the publication of big Bi’s photos on Twitter of the shelter, a queue was already lined up for him. It seems, that the cat will be allowed to choose its friends.  

We are glad to introduce you to Bijey-the one, who laughs in the face of all the cats you think are big! 

The domestic shorthaired from Philadelphia is a real Goliath. Its weight is about 12 kg! 

But he can hardly be called a simple fat cat.  

It’s not about its weight, but about it as a whole! After all it is both massive and long! 

It became known immediately, that a serious struggle would unfold for the right to become his family  

Later it turned out, that the site of the shelter was overloaded. Presumably, due to the huge number of applications from those wishing to take this puppy to their home. 

 No one even doubts, that Bijey will soon purr in someone’s caring hands 

Let’s wish this fat cat to be in the company of good people! 

And Bijey, please don’t eat and crush your new family!

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