The officer glorifies his dog-companion whose time to retired has come

It is beyond a doubt that dogs make human’s trusty and faithful companions, sometimes even best friends. However, the owners are, of course, well-aware of the fact that their pet’s life is, unfortunately, much shorter than of humans’, thus it is impossible for the owner to expect to be accompanied by their dogs until the end of their life. This heartwarming story is about a well-formed German Shepherd whose time to retire has already come and the moment of farewell is full of confusing emotions.

The officer Schaffer sincerely glorifies his loyal companion and co-worker with a radio tribute devoted to his last day of work. The K9 dog didn’t immediately realize his time is already up after over eight years and he had no idea he would no longer work. The officer gratefully honors him and the touching moment is filmed by the latter’s camera.

In fact, the dog had a very laborious and dangerous job. With his officer he put a lot of efforts and enthusiasm into their work, thus was constantly given awards for his incredible work. However, nothing is everlasting. The time of saying goodbye has come.

The officer constantly recalls moments when the truehearted dog pecked up his ears when heard the radio and assures that after all these years, the dog successfully finished his last shift and is now retired.

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