The meerkat decided, that the cat was his pet and didn’t allow the owner to approach him

The meerkat Surya was born in the Moscow zoo and could sit in a cramped cage all his life. But apparently he was born under a lucky star and thanks to journalists from Yekaterinburg, he became an ordinary domestic animal, surrounded by affection and care.  

But the meerkat was lucky not only in this. A girl named Catherine, who sheltered a wild animal had another pet-cat, named Nice. The new shaggy family member immediately became friends with the plush pet. And after a while Surya became so imbued with the cat, that he became jealous of the owner and her guests. The animal began to get angry if someone approached Nice and there was no question of stroking the fluffy.  

The cat is not at all against such manifestations of “love”. He licks his friend and even lets Surya carry food from his bowl. Two friends are constantly together. They not only play together, but also sleep in an embrace and scratch each other’s fur.  

Now the pets live with the owner in St. Petersburg. They easily settled down in the new apartment. And over time, they took over the behaviour of each other. Now Catherine has two “cats” with the habits of meerkats. Only Surya, by nature, still remains a more restless and pampered creature, and the laziness and phlegm of the cat is not conveyed to him in ay way.  

This is how these two animals, different in nature, were able to become best friends. 

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