An extraordinary bond between a lioness and a human leaves everyone speechless

The lioness was only a few days old when she was mercifully rescued due to a kind-hearted man with whom they remained life-long friends and now, in ten years’, they enjoy their time together warmly cuddling with each other. One more time it proves that all animals have the ability to show extreme gratitude towards human especially those who saved their life providing with shelter.

These days, the owner of this gigantic lioness shared a video in which a lioness sees her owner in the morning and her attitude towards the man is something extraordinary and unbelievable.

@sirgathelioness Sirga doesn‘t understand the concept of social distancing. Luckily, she doesn‘t have to. #tiktokwildlifeday ♬ Oh No I Hope I Don’t Fall… – IndieHay

The owner confesses the lioness is really fond of giving long hugs and sometimes even rubs her head a lot like a cat which is amazing. What is more, the lioness hasn’t even shown an aggressive and offensive attitude towards the man exactly knowing he is her savior.

Her mom abandoned her just after she was born and there was no one to protect her but for the man who found the poor animal and decided to deliberately take care of her. Initially, he took the baby lioness to a wildlife conservation center where there formed a trustful and firm relationship between them.

The owner assures she is truly a softhearted and clever companion.

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