An African couple was welcomed home by a group of six lions  

In South Africa, a couple got extremely astonished and frightened once they entered the house: an unbelievable scene of six massive lions peacefully chilling on their terrace made them really shocked. The couple had no idea how the beasts managed to enter the house and what they should undertake at that very moment.

Initially, they intended to check one of their properties located in an estate. As no one was living there at that time, it was not that difficult for the lions to enter and settle on the terrace of the house. And even the fact, that some people came and were staring at them in terror, didn’t really bother them and the pride animals continued having nice time.

The house was built by the man’s father and was empty for a relatively long time. That’s why the couple rushed to check if everything was okay with it. According to the man’s report, they got extremely panicked when they unexpectedly noticed a lion’s tail near the front door and then a whole group of fierce animals.

As the couple informed, they used to be accompanied with wild animals around the house, but not inside it. Thus, the situation was completely abnormal for them.

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