The officer was saying goodbye to his horse who was living his last minutes after a tragic car accident

An ordinary day for a policeman and his faithful horse proved to be a real tragedy. The horse suffered a terrible accident and was now badly injured and in pain. The poor animal was lying on the ground living the last minutes of his life. He was not able to survive and nothing would bring him back to life. A phenomenal moment was captured on camera making everyone burst into tears.

The policeman with his loyal companion was walking along the street when something unpredictable and tragic happened to them. Unexpectedly, the horse rushed to the middle of the street as though witnessing something invisible. Suddenly, he got hit by a huge truck and the policeman couldn’t do anything to save the poor animal.

The horse was probably living his last minutes having numerous injuries as well as his legs broken. The policeman decided to lie beside him and the emotional moment can touch absolutely every one of you. The man got extremely downhearted and depressed staying in the middle of the street cuddling with and trying to comfort his suffering friend. This doubtlessly shows an incredibly tight and inseparable connection between a human and a horse. After a while, the poor creature passed away and was honored by all the police officers.

Later on, they also announced the horse was truly fond of his job and was working really hard and diligently putting his whole heart into the labor. He was definitely adored unexceptionally by everyone.

Afterwards, the police officers posted some photos of the horse during the latter’s service.

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