Every day the cunning dog goes shopping on his own and returns with full boxes of treats… Look at the video!

All of us are fascinated of how clever dogs are,  but our lovely animals sometimes amaze us very much. If you had a very smart dog, that had used buses to go and see his favourite park, this time a pet from Brazil demonstrated, that there is nothing impossible for man’s excellent friend. Everyone knows Pituco and his everyday activity.  

The dog, that lives in Brazilian city of Para departed everyone without words after his popular video on Facebook. In that video the pet visited the store by himself and brought his favourite snacks. Moreover, Pituco does this everyday.

The shop assistant told, that his food is on the top shelf, he requires it and they must give it tom him, otherwise it won’t stop barking. 

Although it may seem, that the pet could live on his own, he is dependent on his family, who have to come to the store after him and pay for his food.  

You can see the video! 

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