The boy wanted to make the dog happy and he buys all, that he wants!

The dog never had a home, he was always homeless.  

Moreover, he was hit by car. 

The dog was badly injured and the driver didn’t even stop to see what had happened to the dog. 

Luckily, passersby took the poor animal to the refuge. 

The doctors replaced glances: but the paw couldn’t be cured. 

No one wanted to take it home, as it was sick, old and no one wanted to have more trouble. 

After several months the old dog deteriorated in a cage, didn’t even imagine what lay ahead of him. 

Luckily TV host Rocky Kanaka knew about the dog intended to isolation. 

He hosted the dog to the program to light up his day, they planned to go shopping together.  

All the things the dog touched he takes. 

Wasn’t King entitled to take a day off at least for a day? 

They walked through the shopping centre floors, King understood what was happening and started to decide.  

The dog took the following things: balls, a large bone, rope, a toy dinosaur, cat food… 

Sadly, the TV presenter was cheated real details. A living hamster picked the animal’s attention, but it wasn’t bought. 

But they gave him more important things: a family and home. 

The woman wanted to have a dog for a ling time and met the King. 

When these new friends met, they loved each other from the first minute: there were many emotions. 

The presenter released an important epilogue by determining the animal’s fate. 

He is now in a loving house and devoted time to warmth and satiation. 

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