Mother kangaroo and her baby are happily reunited at the sanctuary

In New South Wale, Australia there happened a real magic to a mother kangaroo and her little baby once they mercifully reunited appearing at the same sanctuary. The baby kangaroo was initially taken to a special sanctuary because of her injured tail and ended up meeting her loving mother. Here are the touching photos taken by one of the sanctuary volunteers.

Whereas for the mom, being taken to the sanctuary was a way back home as, several years ago, she was thankfully rescued and then taken good care of there and, after a while, was released to the mother nature again. Now she visited the sanctuary for help. But this time she was accompanied with her injured baby joey. It goes without saying that all the volunteers were sincerely happy to offer their help to the baby kangaroo and did everything in order to bring her back to her normal condition.

In these photos, the volunteers successfully managed to show the warmth and tenderness between mother and her baby. Having her tail bandaged, the joey clearly needed her mom’s support and was literally rushing to her pouch once she was released from a blanket. The moment was really fantastic and adorable! They should stay at the sanctuary for a couple of days so the workers make sure they are absolutely healthy and are ready to take care of themselves in wildlife. One of them informed that mother kangaroo showed absolute trust towards them and didn’t give up on hoping that they would eventually help her defenseless and poor baby.

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