These two tortured tigers are mercifully rescued from captivity and enjoy swimming in the pool for the first time

These tigers’ happiness recognized no limits after they appeared in complete freedom

Regardless of the indisputable fact mother nature has prepared all necessities and appropriate conditions for the wonderful creatures living in it, many species have now tragically appeared on the list of endangered animals who are subject to become extinct soon. One of the main reasons and basis of this catastrophic situation is the human activity. Among those animals are majestic tigers: less than 4 thousand individuals are left on our planet. Nevertheless, there are a lot of generous and softhearted people who are ready to support and help them survive in any possible way. One of this kind of good-natured humans is Carli’s and Lili’s owner.

Among those poor animals are these exotic tigers who were fortunately rescued and are now not forced to live in such extreme and bad conditions. They currently have a permanent home at Haven Recue Zoo in Nevada. Yet the air temperatures there are dramatically increasing, so the availability of the pool was a priority. The animals finally got the chance to know how it is like to independently swim in the pool.

One of the rescue team members claim that it was nothing but a true pleasure and satisfaction for the tigers to peacefully swim on their own for the first time in their lives. He also gets angry about the organizations that take the advantage of the wild animals breeding them in an absolutely alien environment and made them perform tricks as entertainment activity. This, naturally, will not make the number of animal’s larger.

The moment these pitiable tigers swim in the pool is something very heartwarming and exciting. The scene was captured on camera and stole thousands of people’s hearts in the internet.

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