The Shiba Inu Puppy in This Picture Was not as Simple as It Seems Because It Is a Cat

Believe it or not your eyes are lying to you. Various optical illusions have repeatedly convinced us of this fact. And now you will be convinced of this again. Take a look at this photo. There is nothing special: a shiba inu puppy sits in the snow and looks into the distance. Is that so? A Twitter user @derstern612 showed that things aren’t so simple and revealed a secret and said that this is not a Shiba Inu and not even a puppy at all.

Just take a look at the photo. It seems like nothing special: just a Shiba Inu puppy sitting in the snow.

Now look at what the Shiba Inu looks like. Pay attention to his tail and say if you notice the difference.

Because this is not a dog but a cat!

The British shorthair cat with a color similar to the color of Shiba Inu dogs.

The cutest optical illusion that can happen!

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