The doggy only desires 1000 hugs before leaving the world. It sounds unbelievable!  

There are many crazy things that doggies can do and amaze everyone with their actions. 

There are a lot of strange things that the owners do or they make their animals do some extraordinary things, which seem unusual for others.

For instance, they have created some lists for their doggies according which they let the animals do many unusual and different actions before passing away. These lists especially concern to those who have health problems and are going to die.

Those lists are created in order to make them remember the most important and pleasant things they do before dying.

But most people think that doggies aren’t interested in them and the lists especially are for the owners, who want to have some memories connected to their dying animals. And, in this way they never forget about some enjoyable moments of their animals.

Here is a nice story about an old doggy named Gertie, who was 12 years old when her previous owner left her alone with another doggy. After that a kind woman adopted them and took care about the creatures.

The cutie is quite old now and has many health problems. The vets think that after some time the animal will leave the world.

Her owner made a nice decision for her dying animal, according which she must give her 1000 hugs before passing away. And she does her best to do all the desires of her poor doggy.

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