From Fear to Trust: Dog’s Gentle Nature Wins Over Child with Communication Challenges

How sensitive dogs are! 🐕❤️👦

Dogs can be more loving and emotional than humans, that’s why many trust them more than people. They are our best friends and they have proved it several times.

This sweet child’s name is Hernan. He is from Argentina. The boy has Down’s syndrome, that’s why he doesn’t communicate with others. He is very unconfident and spends most of the day alone.

Once he had an adorable guest, who came to entertain him.

The smart animal calmly approached the boy as if he was feeling that he needed help. Surprisingly, the boy greeted him in a cute way and let him come closer to him.

The child’s mother caught the scene on camera and posted it on social media.

Hernan never allows strangers to approach him, but this case was a bit different. He felt that the doggie didn’t want to harm him and trusted him at once.

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