“Unreal beauties”: Here is what the mother of the Earth’s most adorable children looks like

How the most beautiful kids’ mother looks from whom they inherited their beauty

It is needless to mention that those who were once titled “the most beautiful” or “the strongest one” currently can’t be called the same way as time passes away and absolutely everything changes.

Today’s heroes are these absolutely adorable kids named Dima and Viola.

Due to their unearthly beauty and uniqueness, the siblings are always in the focus of modeling agencies’ attention. When taking a look at their mother, it becomes obvious that the kids inherited their beauty from their charming mother.

Every time their admirable photos appear on the network, they go viral becoming the scope of everyone’s discussions as their appearance simply can’t let anyone stay indifferent. Many also desire to see the children’s father, whereas the man doesn’t want to get a lot of attention and keeps himself in secret.

They are absolutely adorable, aren’t

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