A kind man helps reunite pets wDrone Hero: Wildlife Cinematographer Douglas Uses Technology to Rescue Animals in Natural Disastersith their rightful owners

Everything is possible, when humans use their technologies in a good way  🥹🥰

When an awful hurricane happened in the Bahamas Douglas considered a perfect plan to look for animals, that may still be alive in the wreckage.

He flew his drone above an enormous wreckage and saw some movement. Then he learned, that there was a dog wandering around in the debris.

There was a GPS feature in the drone and he managed to find the exact location of the dog and went to rescue him. Douglas managed to take food and water to the dog and also the next day he rescued him from the wreckage.

Douglas adores nature and also rescuing animals. He is a wildlife cinematographer and uses his Cessna plane to capture ancient forests to document the mass scale of illegal logging, that was happening.

As technology has developed Douglas has understood, that he can have the same impact by piloting a small drone over areas of interest and he came to think of his idea of saving animals, that were affected by natural disasters.

At first, when he went to the Bahamas his purpose was to capture the results of the disaster and deliver help. But when he saw a puppy alone in the wreckage he considered another plan.

He attached an infrared camera to his drone, that helped him to find the dogs quickly. And it became a really effective way of finding lonely dogs after the hurricane’s destruction.

And when Douglas saw the awful impact, that wildfires were having on communities in Australia he considered flying out there and using his drone for help.

And after arriving in Australia he used his drone to capture many koalas, that were clinging to trees in sparsely populated areas of forest. They wouldn’t have survived if not Douglas’ intervention and kind heart.

After Australia Douglas flew to Louisiana after Hurricane Laura to use his drone to save cats, that had become the victims of nature.

Douglas helps reunite pets with their owners. But he found a puppy in the Bahamas, that didn’t have an owner. And he was absolutely happy to take the puppy with him and become his owner.

Douglas’ kind efforts prove, that everything is possible when humans use their technologies in a good way and they can save many animals’ lives.

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