No one imagined her to look like this. Julia Roberts was photographed while traveling in Australia

It’s incredible that this time she the actress has a very simple image.

Very soon, Julia Roberts will become 55, but so far, according to her, she is timid and embarrassed on the red carpet and in the camera light. And generally, Julia does not particularly like publicity, so you can see her at public events not frequently.

Nevertheless, the paparazzi are on the alert and, surely, capture every detail. Recently, Roberts was photographed while traveling in Australia. Julia was unidentifiable, the actress was wearing a very simple oversized T-shirt, baggy shorts, a hat as well as a baseball cap, and Julia finally put on sunglasses.

Frankly speaking, no one imagined her to look like this because commonly the actress is wearing very elegant and stylish dresses, but here such a very simple appearance and fans spotted that the actress has lost a lot of weight and it does not suit her.

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