The sweet friendship of a sweet little girl and a puppy, who adored napping together 

Dogs are the most affectionate animals on earth 

The puppy named Millie has been with the family since a little girl named Daisy was born. They are truly best companions.

Millie is very caring with Daisy and she adores the puppy. She smiles and becomes happy after seeing her. Millie is a big large dog, but the girl isn’t afraid of her.

She even allows the puppy to lie next to her. The girl becomes very happy and excited after seeing Millie. They adore one another and always want to cuddle. They always sleep together.

It is said, that dogs are very loving with the children they spend a lot of time with.

The children are a playing friend for them and also the ones, who will give them love.

It is a good thing to have a pet if you have a baby. Dogs make babies joyful. And also having a pet in the house will help strengthen a baby’s immune system.

Puppies can feel that babies are very weak and they are very caring with them and take care of them seriously.

Daisy is very happy to sleep with her best friend.

Millie even protected the baby during her sleep. She wrapped her paws around Daisy in order for she could feel comfortable.

This is the best friendship I have ever seen.

Puppies are very adorable, caring and intelligent.

Puppies are the most affectionate animals on earth and they are always ready to give their unconditional love.

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