Dogs always try to help and console other animals in need

Caring deed of a kind dog, who assisted the deer 

Dogs, man’s best friends have the natural habit to assist people in need. They also aren’t ignorant to other animals, because they are very sensitive.

This is a cute dog named Zoer, who assisted a fawn feel more comfortable after being found on her owner’s property. Zoer’s owner’s name is Patt. She saw her dog sitting next to the deer on her property. Before help came the dog stayed next to the little deer.

The next day she also found the little deer, although Patt had let him go. Her dog Zoer was very connected to the deer. When the deer met her they became friends. The animal walked in Patt’s yard every day and also her trustful dog was with him.

He gave her a loving hug and demonstrated her a lot of love. Their friendship was very remarkable and sweet. The woman called many shelters and rescue groups, but all was useless.

The deer soon felt better and also her eyes looked better. After a long search, Patt found a perfect home for the deer.

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