The family couldn’t stay indifferent about the tiny kitten with amazing ears and legs

From a rough life to a loving pet!

Meet Kiwi, a rescued catty, who was saved and brought to the shelter some time ago. The cutie has bear-like ears and wobbly front legs. There Melania and her husband spotted him and immediately fell in love with him.

Although Kiwi was a bit different from others, he never showed anyone this and behaved himself as a brave boy. Thanks to his loving owners’ great efforts, he passed through a medical therapy and overcame all the difficulties.

Kiwi was cared not only by his human parents, Cherry, the family’s senior doggy, was also very caring towards his little friend and welcomed him with great happiness.

These two beauties became inseparable just from the first day of their meeting and now they share the best moments of their lives together.

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