Viewers were concerned about the video of a big dog pulling a little catty, but later they saw something exciting

What a heartwarming scene!

When the little kitten began to be cared by a friendly dog, he stopped finding a caring owner for him, because all the love and support he wanted, he got from his loving friend.

When a video of the dog pulling the little kitten was first shared on social media, it went viral and touched thousands of viewers on social media. At first people were concerned about the little catty, thinking that the dog wanted to harm him, but later they saw an exciting thing.

The caring dog was pulling the catty to his owners to show them that the little creature was in need. The owners couldn’t refuse him, because the kitten was in a terrible condition.

After taking him home, the humans began to take care about the little creature giving him milk with bottle and everything he needed. The catty turned into a pretty pet and showed his amazing personality. It turned out that the cat was so loving and friendly and now he was safe and protected next to his canine friend.

It’s really amazing to see how these two beauties have time together.

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