The birthday party organised just for the dog to make her happy

The sweet dog was amazed to see her birthday cake

The dog has been brightening its family’s days for the past 15 years. And to make their dog happy the family decided to organise a sweet birthday party.

“We considered to organise a sweet party to celebrate her best life and also respect her age.” told the owner. The birthday party was organised by Doggy’s family members and it was amazing.

The party was considered of the best decoration, food and the best cake specially made for the dog and all the family members were present there.

The owner told: “The dog’s eyes brightened as we show the cake.” The dog isn’t as energetic as she once was, but she enjoyed herself and liked her birthday.

The dog was happy to be followed by such a lot of kind people. “We are absolutely happy to have had such an affectionate, wonderful and sweet friend in our lives for so many years. We adore our dog with all of our hearts.”

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