Lopukhovsky mongrel; an affectionate dog aroused admiring glances from dog owners. They were interested in his breed, and the owner was embarrassed

The dog’s name was Balda. This strange name was given to the puppy by the four-year-old Sasha – probably because on the eve of the dog’s appearance in the house, Pushkin was read to the baby.

But if you decided that Balda was a simpleton, then you are deeply mistaken! This clever fluffy lump has always been on his mind. For example, as soon as he heard the magic word “walk” in a conversation, he immediately rushed to the door like a lightning and constantly hurried the owner.

Sasha’s father, Yevgeniy, usually walked with Balda. It was him who once brought a puppy from a trip his mother’s village. She is Sasha’s grandmother. The village was called Lopukhi – and fully justified its name. Indeed, burdocks grew wildly on every street there. Under one of these plants Yevgeniy found Balda: lonely and stained with fuel oil (there was a railway nearby).

Even then, the man suspected that a real loving heart was hidden under this layer of fuel oil – and never regretted about his decision. Indeed, Balda grew up as a smart and incredibly affectionate dog. And, what was most important, not very large, suitable for a two-room apartment.

During the first walks with Balda, it turned out that the dog is not just sociable – he just goes crazy when he sees other dogs. And it doesn’t matter who is in front of him: a quarrelsome “Chihuahua”, a pretty husky or a gloomy brutal bull terrier. Balda knew how to get along well with everyone. Apparently he had incredible doggy charisma.

However, he liked not only the dogs, but also their owners. Several times Yevgeniy, a prominent man, was even forced to stop annoying tackles from dog lovers.

– Forgive me, mademoiselle, but I have been married for a long time and undoubtedly, – the man smiled while Balda sniffed another dog and its owner.

Only one question always puzzled Yevgeniy. Neighbors were often interested in the breed of Balda. For some reason, they were sure that the dog would certainly have it, this very breed. Yevgeniy had no idea which of Balda’s ancestors had sinned with.

One fine evening the owner decided to get tor eveal the truth. He opened Google, put Balda next to him – and began to study whom he looks like. He leaned over the monitor. Then he almost buried his nose in the face of the joyful Balda, who was probably looking forward to the disclosure of the secret of his origin.

The owner gave up in about half an hour. Yevgeniy leaned back on the sofa, rubbed his eyes with his hands, and then solemnly turned to the dog:

– I nominate you, Balda, Lopukhov’s mongrel. It is no longer possible to establish your pedigree more precisely.

Balda only wagged his tail in response. He was absolutely not opposed to being a Lopukhov mongrel – the main thing was in a loving family.

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