The unusual-looking cat lost hope of finding a forever home, but she wasn’t so unlucky

Her defect became a distinguishing feature!

It’s so difficult to hear that many animals, who have some defects connected with their appearance, are abandoned by humans and appear in shelters.

Our today’s hero, who was born without one of her ears, had such a difficult life.

She was abandoned by her humans and was taken to the shelter.
The workers of the shelter took her to a vet to examine her carefully in order to be sure that she was completely healthy before her adoption.
Although the staff did their best to find loving owners for the poor cat, they couldn’t, because the adopters changed their mind of adopting her when they saw her ear was absent.

But the cat could live a normal life like any other, and her defect was not a problem for her.

Once a couple spotted the cutie and immediately fell in love with her. They knew that the little wonder would surely come with them. They did not even pay attention to her appearance, on the contrary, they think that it was not a defect, but a peculiarity.

Do you think she’s a unique cat?

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