Despite the huge difference in height and weight, these adorable creatures found something in common

This friendship seems strange, but it is real!

Meet Neiro and Diby, two best friends, who share a strong bond despite having a great difference in height and weight. They first met at the shelter in 2016, and since then are inseparable.

Diby, a little chihuahua, was found on the street by some passers-by. He was so weak and defenceless, and weighed about half a kilogram. When he was taken to the shelter, he met Neiro, a giant dog, who weighed about 56kg and ate so much. Next to Neiro, Diby looked so tiny and it’s so amazing to see them together.

They were strongly connected to each other and became best friends. They enjoyed doing everything together and shared the best moments of their lives.

Although they are loyal friends and don’t imagine their lives separately, they have to be divided after some time, because they will be adopted very soon.

Although Diby had a rough life and suffered a lot, he found his happiness by the side of Neiro, who takes care about him perfectly.

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