A sweet cat with a cute moustache, who made his new owners fell in love with him

Two cats, who eagerly share their owners’ house

Have you ever seen such a sweet cat with a unique moustache? This is a sweet cat named Carrot. He lived in France with his owners and another cat named Milko.

Carrot likes to play all day and night. He also enjoys climbing and hopping. And the best face is made by him when he sits on his back paws for some time.

Carrot has an unusual habit of sniffing the food on his friends’ plates, as if he was going to eat something delicious. The couple already had a cat, when they adopted Carrot. Carrot was approximately three months at that time.

The sweet couple was in search of a cat, who would share their Milko with when they saw Carrot and immediately fell in love with him.

They didn’t apologise for their choice, as Carrot was a sweet, caring, playful and attentive cat, who immediately befriended with their cat Milko.

They had become very close friends and shared their owners’ house together.

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