The story of the reunion of a man and his lost dog touched everyone. It’s so heartbreaking!

What an exciting reunion!

The case happened eight years ago, when John left his dog in the yard and he entered home to do some work. After a few seconds, the dog jumped over the fence and ran away.

All day John tried to find his dog, but to no avail. He asked all the neighbors to help him, he even posted the photo of the dog on social networks, but the animal was not found. The owner searched for him everywhere for several months, but was unsuccessful.

Eight years passed, and the man lost his hope of finding his beloved pet. But one day a miracle happened, when he got a call from a stranger, who informed him that he had seen a dog strongly looked like Kiwi.

When they met, something touching happened. Both the man and the dog recognized each other and quickly embraced.
Fortunately, they were reunited again!

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