This amazing puppy is being trained as a police dog and will definitely make a great worker

Such a smart and loving pup!

There’s no doubt that people and dogs can create strong friendship and support each other in difficult situations. Dogs remain the most faithful creatures in the world, who are even ready to put their lives in danger for their humans’ safety.

It is both pleasant and necessary to bring home a dog and train it as your best friend and a great guardian.

After spending some time with their owners, they are strongly connected with them and stay by their side till the end.

Meet this cute puppy named Sulli, who is only a few months old, but has already become everyone’s favourite.

The cutie is so friendly and energetic and enjoys learning new things from his caregiver. Karina trains him as a police dog and is attracted by the dog’s intelligence.

Although it seems a little difficult, the puppy does his task perfectly. His trainer is sure that he will become a great worker and will serve the police force well.

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