The little cat has been this horse’s closest companion ever since he was a canine

These closest companions are together all the time.

The cat named Sappy and the brown horse named Dakota are both wonderful, and which is a bit uncommon, they are companions. Dakota 15, could easily cause damage to the cute little kitty but in place of it, prefers to cuddle with him. These closest companions are together all the time.

“I got the cat as a canine the previous May,” the master Dennis Kinney reported to Bored Panda. “When the little boy started to grow up, I spotted that he was lying close to the horse when grazing, if the horse lay down, he lay on top of him, I even saw him crawl on his tail to get on his hind part.

“This cat is in his place every day at a nursing time, and after nursing, I always sit on this tray, and then a wonderful couple appears. In case I ride, this cat will walk like a dog.

“Anyone who is familiar with horses understands that a horse is able to kill this cat with one step or one bite, but he has always been tender with this cat.”

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