A Deaf Young Man Adopted a Deaf Dog That No one Wanted to Take From the Shelter and Taught Him Lots of Commands

Two years ago in winter the social page of an American shelter in Maine recorded a tiny black labrador dog. He was picked up by animal rights activists, but he was in a very bad condition.

But he showed remarkable character and he has been fighting a desperate struggle for life for eight weeks. He starts having seizures and is unable to take food and water and the veterinarians are working and the shelter is opening a collection for his treatment at the moment.

The cutie receives the dropper cure. He is preparing for tests that diagnose the disease and the treatment itself will cost 850$, so the shelter asked to donate any amount that the kind people could. It turned out that he had parvovirus enteritis and the puppy lost his hearing in the course of treatment.

And the young man Nick showed interest in this puppy quite by chance, since he is deaf from birth. He read the ad and realized that it was his fate and immediately went to the orphanage. When he came to meet his future friend the doggy sat on his leg and remained sitting.

He surely had a presentiment that it was his future owner who had come in. Now they live together and the guy teaches the dog and trains him to understand different commands using the sign language. He has already learned how to execute the command “sit” for which he mastered the letter S of the sign language.

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