A sweet cat, who had a chance to walk by himself once again

Adorable story about the cat’s recovery 

This sweet cat’s name is Snusnu.The sweet rescue cat now assists other animals that visit the clinic get well. Dr. Rachel told, that Snusnu had a sensation in his tail and rear legs.

Although he wasn’t able to move them, he still had a chance to walk and use the toilet on his own again. Although the recovery of the cat would take time, the vet considers it will be successful.

The clinic staff becomes happy after every good news concerning the cat. And after a few weeks Snusnu could recover. Rachel told, that their concern didn’t make a difference.

Snusnu started to look after a new sweet kitten. Looking after our own babies is amazing, as they will do everything to support us and their feline friends. Isn’t it cute?

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