A really rare illness of a cat, that appears in only 1% of animals

Unusual situation happened with an adopted kitten

Ninelle met the kittens at a neighbouring ranch when Melon and her sister were only four months old. The woman wanted to adopt a kitty, but she couldn’t imagine meeting a kitty in such way.

Melon was very sociable and kind throughout the time. After nine months Ninelle noticed a white silver hair in Elle’s dark fur and was worried, that something appeared wrong.

The cat hadn’t any white hair before. She told, that at first she considered something had just stuck on its fur and she tried to pull it off, but it appeared to be cat’s own fur.

Ninelle took the cat to the clinic to examine her fur colour change. She was surprised to learn, that Elle’s fur had changed its colour because of a rare illness called ailment vitiligo.

Just 1% of people and animals have this illness. However Melon seems not to be anxious for the situation: she just lives a happy life. She is a very cute kitty.

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