Being ignored by people but finding true happiness later. It is the exciting story of this cute dog

That’s what this sweet dog needs!

Meet Remi, a cute and adorable dog, who was found by some volunteers of an animal shelter named «Howl of a Dog», who saved and took care of him.

Every morning the rescuers came to the stray dog and brought food and drink for him. The friendly animal welcomed them with happiness and was feeling safe and calm when they were next to him.

The poor dog’s nose was scorched and he needed some medical examination.

Later it turned out that Remi had been abandoned by his previous owners and appeared on the street due to their bad attitude.

But fortunately, the volunteers arrived on time and began to look after him until he would be adopted by a forever family.

The rescuers tried to find an appropriate family for the doggy in the neighbourhood, but useless, so they began to take the canine to the shelter more frequently providing him with everything he needed.

Now Remi lives a happy life with his caring owners. Everyone in his new family adores him and gives him much love and care. He feels safe and protected next to them.

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