The truck driver has chosen a cat as his road buddy and they two have a good time together  

What a cute road buddy! 

Jack is a truck driver, who doesn’t like to be alone while driving, so he has chosen a cat as his road friend and spends a great time with him.

Some time ago, when Jack’s cat Wally passed away, he was so depressed, so he decided to adopt another one in order to feel calm.

When he met Maple, a ginger cat, at the shelter, he immediately fell in love with him and decided to make his life better and happier.

Although the poor catty had a difficult life and was saved from the street, his life changed and the kind driver became a caring owner for him.

Maple became his road buddy and they two began to have a nice time together. But one day something terrible happened, when the catty disappeared at once on their way to Indiana. When the driver stopped the vehicle to have a rest, the catty threw himself out of the window to catch a bird and vanished.

The confused man looked for the animal everywhere, but useless. He posted the cat’s story on Facebook in hope of finding him quickly.

Some rescue organizations joined the search for the cat and were able to help the man.

When his beloved pet was found, he promised to be more attentive towards him and now they are inseparable again.

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