The dog became inseparable with his stuffed toy, which resembles him a lot

A sweet dog goes everywhere with his beloved toy

Like our kids, our dogs also can become attached to their toys and refuse to leave the house without them. They also can be linked to their stuffed toys and won’t imagine their life without them.

And this dog won’t leave the house without his plush toy. When the dog was adopted the owner purchased the plush toy as a welcoming gift.

The owner considered the toy would help the dog become used to a new place and she couldn’t imagine what turned out. The dog won’t do anything without a toy in his mouth.

The dog and the toy are almost inseparable and also the neighbours recognize the popular couple and stop to capture them. It looks as if the dog is holding his own little self, as the toy resembles him so much.

The owner told, that the dog is very cute, amazing and also wants attention so much and is a true explorer.


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