True friendship is a gift from fate. A lucky girl, who had the most dedicated friend since birth

Adorable friendship between a newborn baby girl and a caring golden retriever 

A baby girl named Marie was absolutely fortunate as she has been accompanied by the most loyal and caring friend since birth. True friendship is a gift from fate.

He adores hugs, is very caring and friendly and he won’t ever deceive you and will always be your friend. The girl’s family was absolutely happy, that they would get a recharge.

The family friend told how they looked after their golden retriever. The couple considered they wouldn’t abandon him, as his is a very loyal and beloved relative. Later it was clear, that the dog was very affectionate with babies.

The dog was absolutely overjoyed when the owner finally brought small Macie home and he began to wag his tail and even wanted to touch her nose.

The dog considered the baby was his younger brother, although he knew the baby wasn’t a puppy. He encircled her with his warmth, love and affection. This story proves once more how dogs have been our closest friends from infancy.

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