The owner took her dog to a hairdresser to make him more attractive. Everyone was amazed!

The puppy was overjoyed to get a stylish look!

When Brianna West got an adorable puppy named Lully, she knew that the most important thing was to keep him pretty. That’s why the woman contacted her friend, hairdresser Christina Campbell, and asked her for a new stylish look for her pet.

Christina was so happy to hear that her new client would be a cute puppy and was impatiently waiting for his arrival.

When the puppy arrived, the whole staff was amazed to see him there. It was a fantastic day and the friendly dog socialised with everyone at once.

Lully was a bit confused when his owner sat for a haircut. He didn’t know that after a short time, he would be on the same chair. However, during it he had a great time with the workers entertaining them with his presence.

Finally, it was Lully’s turn and everyone was impatiently waiting for his reaction. Surprisingly, the canine was calm as if he understood that after a few minutes he would become much more beautiful and stunning.

When the hairdresser finished her work, the smart animal looked at her gratefully, as if he was satisfied with the result.

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