After being accepted by the dogs, the rescued kitten behaves like a dog and thinks he is one of them.

Such a cute cat with the soul of a dog!

Recently the owner of two adorable dogs found a stray kitten on the street and rushed to help him. He was sure that his pets would accept the cute animal with happiness and took him home without hesitation.

The man named him Lotus and provided him with everything he needed. As for the dogs, they welcomed their new sibling with a great pleasure. They built a strong bond and became inseparable from the first day the kitten arrived.

At first the canines were confused and didn’t know how to behave the catty, but seeing that Lotus was very sociable and wanted to befriend with them, they approached him at once.

Now these three adorable creatures share a strong friendship and don’t imagine their lives separately. They play, eat, run and go for a walk together.

Even the catty thinks he is one of them and behaves himself like a dog. Sometimes he protects his brothers from other dogs, when they want to approach them. What a brave boy!

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