The cat’s family finally put an end to all the suffering and hardships and started life anew

A difficult beginning, but a pleasant future!

Once one of the shelter volunteers found a cat’s family on the street. They were helpless and defenceless and needed a safe and warm place, because the kittens were too small to survive outside.

The mother cat and her five babies were taken to the shelter, where they were fed and received all the appropriate treatment. They had to stay under the strong care of the vets because both the mother and the kittens were underweight and had many injuries.

The poor creatures were confused and scared when they first arrived, but then adapted to their new environment.

The mother cat was very caring and attentive towards her babies and comforted them when they felt upset. Thanks to her great efforts, the kittens became more confident and began to trust the workers.

Although they were eight weeks old, they looked smaller because of the difficulties they had in the past.

All the kittens were devoted to their mother, but the tiniest of them was connected to her stronger. He never left his mother’s side and demanded much more love and attention from her.

Both the mother and the kittens were happy and satisfied to be safe and protected. They were grateful to the staff to give them a chance to live happily.

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