«A future conqueror of female hearts»: The way the world’s most attractive man’s little son looks deserves special attention

It’s impossible not to fall in love with the son of the most handsome man in the world

Meet Omar who has gained the title «the world’s most handsome and attractive man» winning millions of hearts. However hard it may be to believe in, there is one boy more handsome than him and this is Omar’s little heir who definitely surpassed him.

Omar literally adores and is proud of his son frequently sharing his photos on social media. No single netizen can remain indifferent towards his cuteness claiming that there is a future supermodel with a drizzling career in front of them.

Meanwhile, Omar doesn’t miss a chance to admit that his son is the exact copy of his wife whose beauty is hard to resist too.

According to the man, the birth of his son has radically and forever changed his life and now his number one priority is to spend as much time with his child as it is possible.


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