The unusual visitors of a man, who came from the forest

Lynx puppies came to the man’s doorstep and challenged him

An Alaskan young guy discovered seven wild lynx cubs on his doorsteps, including moms and kittens. The guy told, that it wasn’t an add thing to witness as he lives next to the forest.

So foxes, bears and deer are his frequent guests. He can even say which animal was staring at him this time from the commotion. This time the sounds were really unusual, so Tim considered to went outside to see.

At first he considered they were homeless cats. Two of the kittens didn’t pay any attention to the man, but some of them behaves in an unusual manner for usual cats.

And after some time he understood they were lynx cubs. The animal rushed so quickly, that he could just capture them when they were already in the jungle.

But this time the lynxes themselves challenged him. At first they were just two of them. And also their mother waited for them in the forest to join their antics.

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