A Somber Catty Has Become Base for a Meme Who Openly Expresses Her Enmity of All the Mondays

Recently the social network users have been actively posting the photographs of a very emotional catty in order to describe their “good” morning. This fluffy creature has her own Instagram account where she is registered under the nickname grumpy_kitzia (angry kitty). She dwells in Orlando, Florida with her hostess Victoria. The cutie became popular thanks to her angry muzzle which expresses the maximum discontent and hatred for this world. You can make yourself sure by watching these photos!

Her muzzle shows so much discontent that it seems that it is impossible to please this wonderful catty.

The hostess claims that her pet is absolutely healthy and her appearance is like this by nature.

This criticism doesn’t interest the cutie and she continues to keep her face expression. 

The angry kitty talentedly takes everything that is put on the table.

She was incredibly cute when she was little.

“Why am I not that much cute now ?!”

We can enjoy viewing the photos of this beauty for such a long time, because they are really wonderful . We can send almost all the photos to our friends with the words: “I feel like this cat.” The grumpy kitty deserves to become a meme like no one else, because the emotions on her face are more telling than any actions.

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