In the USA, a Mysterious Underwater Inhabitant Which Keeps Secrets Was Thrown Ashore and If There Weren’t the Photos, No one Would Have Believed

A red-feather opa, which is also called “moon fish” was found on one of the beaches of Oregon.

It lives in warm tropical waters, so its appearance on the west coast of the United States speaks of the global climate change on our planet.

A mysterious fish was found by local residents. It was thrown ashore by a wave.

The find immediately surprised people with its incredible size. It was about a meter long and weighing 45 kg.

Very little is known about these tropical creatures nowadays.

But it is known that these creatures are the only known warm-blooded fish and they also regulate their body temperature, which is usually 5 degrees higher than the environment.

TikTok users noticed the cunning look of the fish in the photos and began to assume that the mysterious creature hides the secrets of ancient times.

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