A curious kitty, who adores hiding beneath the blankets

Amazing treats of a kitty, who didn’t like water 

The man named Kim Jiwon is the owner of the kitty named Milino. The kitty is playful and friendly and also looks quite gorgeous.

This big eyed melancholy is closely following you must be respected. He also has some unusual habits, like chewing on lettuce leaves or apples and the owner told, that he didn’t teach him living a healthy lifestyle.

And also Milino adores hiding beneath the blankets. But such an activity is allowable and it is important to stare into her eyes. The kitty is also very curious and it’s difficult for him to withstand something he likes.

Milino is also very cute in asking the owner for another piece of candy.

The sweetie also disguises bathing, but also she usually licks herself clean. Do you consider Milino is adorable and sweet?

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