The reunion of a stolen dog and his owner touched all the witnesses

She felt that the dog was hers, and she was right…

Our world is full of stray dogs, some of which find forever homes, while others stay on the streets till the end.

Our today’s hero had to wander on the streets in some period of his life, but his story is a bit different.

Once a rescue group in Ukraine found a defenseless dog on the street. He was in a terrible condition, helpless and completely dirty. The rescuers approached him at once. The sweet canine behaved himself quite well, despite the fact that he suffered a lot. He was very friendly and sociable, so the rescuers fell in love with him at once.

They took him to a shelter and posted his photo on social media in hope of finding a forever home for him.

After a short time, the rescuers got a call from a woman who claimed that he was her lost dog. Her pet had been stolen for already two years, but she couldn’t find him.

When the woman arrived at the shelter, something touching took place. It was really her stolen pet, and their reunion excited everyone.

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