Owners thought that the cow would soon leave the world, but he found his true savior  

Size does not seem to matter between these two creatures

When Ellie Laks and Jay Weinter found a baby cow, he was in a terrible condition. The poor animal had been abandoned by his own mother and was just a week old.

The owners were not sure that he would survive, but he wanted to live and struggled till the end.

The cow had many health problems, so the chance of his survival was very low. However, the owners decided to try and give him 24 hours care.

There was another cute creature in the house. Sky, the family dog was also worried about his new friend. They became friends and built a strong bond. Sky is a therapy dog and he always helps people as well as animals. This one wasn’t an exception and he did his best to make his friend’s life better and easier.

He never left his side and supported him in everything. Lewis, the cow, began to feel better day by day and it’s not surprising because he got support from his loving friend.

After some time Lewis became completely healthy and these two wonders continue to share a strong friendship.

Their difference never disturbs them, Sky respects his big friend and gets the same attitude from him. Lewis who was so weak and defenseless, became a strong and pretty cow.

The owners are proud of their pets and they are sure that they will remain friends till the end.

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